Jacques graduated from the University of the North West in 2010 with a degree in Chartered Accountancy. After his articles he pursued a career at Sea, predominantly working in the yachting industry. He worked his way up to Chief Officer, where he was responsible for running the entire yacht, including managing the crew, operations, budgeting, and accounting. He especially took pride in leading crew training, development, and management.

Jacques is a co-founder and business development director of Lafeki. He takes ultimate responsibility for managing client and business relations, as well as driving long-term revenue growth by means of strategic planning of both internal and external developments of Lafeki.

Jacques is also responsible for talent management, focussing on the attraction and retention of employees, and driving learning and development efforts.



Eben holds a BSc Applied Mathematics from the University of Pretoria, and BSc (Hons) Operations Research from the University of South Africa. He started his financial markets career in 2007 at Absa Capital. During his tenure at Absa Capital, he worked as a software developer, quantitative analyst, derivatives trader, and subject matter expert. Eben went on to join Deloitte as the head quantitative analyst within the Valuations team in 2018.

Eben joined Lafeki in 2020, where he serves as a director, and acts in the role of Chief Quantitative Investment Officer. He is focused on the use of quantitative techniques for trading strategies and strategic acquisitions alike. He takes ultimate responsibility for the management of proprietary trading within Lafeki, and takes an active role in the identification, assessment, and acquisition of investments. Additionally, Eben oversees the professional services arm of the business.